The unusual (different) highlights of my life
that make up many stories;

At one point of my life, I became extremely interested in photography. I took a few college courses (while at the time stationed in Korea) and did a lot of free lance photography on what ever caught my eye. A close friend of mine (Ken Kampilla) and I would go hiking with all of our photo gear in search of great shots.. here are a few ..

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Ken & I stumbled onto this guy who happily posed for me I saw this contraption several times as we hiked but one day I caught it with my lens..  No way to explain something like this without a picture.. Ken & I found these two kids making light of the fact that it was near zero degrees Fahrenheit
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This is what I looked like as I shot that picture of those two kids in the swing (courtey of Ken Kampilla) I took this picture of a young girl as I was hiking near camp Long. This Pavillion was visible from the highway but I zoomed in with a 600mm telephoto lens
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This is just a simple shot of a open market Koreans had very large movie theaters with huge posters to attract the crowds Fish dried into a kind of jerky..  
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This is my buddy Ken Kampilla Country scene Ken was a pro


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